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The purpose of this blog is to open up conversation on belief and meaning.  The aim is to be real and authentic.  The hope is to stimulate conversation.

To that end, a few guidelines.  This blog is open to seekers and doubters, atheists, theists, humanists, and religious naturalists, and anyone who is interested in reflecting on life and meaning.  In Unitarian communities we respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person.  Diversity of thought, opinion and belief are welcome.  Insults, trolling and spam are not welcome.  For this reason, comments are moderated.  For the same reason, a name and an email address are required to make comments.  Your name will be visible beside your comment, your email address will stay private and I will not share it or sell it.

2 thoughts on “Join the conversation

  1. I have to say I miss coming to services. I thought I had found the perfect place that fit my diverse beliefs.However after joining a group I felt scapegoated in the group and in trying to heal the circumstances know one seemed to interested . I felt shamed and hurt and have not felt able to return. I miss going to services but feel sad & to shamed to return .

  2. Hi Gerrie,
    I am sorry to hear that you had such a painful experience, and have not felt able to return. Not knowing who you have already spoken with, I hesitate to make suggestions, but I would certainly be happy to meet with you, as would any of the members of the Committee on Shared Ministry. I will try sending you an email, in case you are willing to try talking to me at this point. If not, I certainly wish you well. I enjoyed the few times we talked. Best wishes, Karen

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