The Last Girl

A first-person account of the Islamic State’s actions against the Yazidi, seen through the eyes of a young woman, Nadia Murad. Having read this book, I feel I have a better understanding of Yazidi culture. I also see, through Murad’s experiences, the way people acquiesce to oppressive, authoritarian decisions — or not — and the impact of these bystander decisions on the life of one woman. Some people do take great risk, almost unthinking, because it is their self-understand as people of faith that they help the stranger who comes to their door. The unspoken question throughout: what would I do, what would my family do, if we were in those conditions, if a stranger showed up at my door, needing help.

I think there is already an answer — how am i responding to the people around me, right now.

A heartbreaking, inspiring book.